Pride & Joy

21 May 2011, Saturday

I am so proud of our Happy Kids!

Walking with S and A1 to school for a Parental Talk. Bumped into a teacher on duty who knew A1 and A2. Amid our short chat, he remarked that our kids were happy kids.

The remark took me by surprise, and made me proud of the kids. It also affirmed the way we have been parenting our kids.

I never saw the kids in any way other than kids being just kids. Until this remark by an external party who saw the kids from a different perspective, and who has nothing to lose or gain for saying what he said. And it made me realise: All the disciplining, scolding or even caning did not affect the kids’ happiness … because when all that is done out of love for them, they know it! They grow up well-adjusted and happy in life, confident of family love.

I am so proud of the kids!


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