Great Comeback for a Little Mind

1 May 2013 , Wednesday
Labour Day / May Day Public Holiday

Funny story #2:

Dad was, as usual, at it, teasing A4. This time, he told Mom “if got no money, can sell A4 away. Everyone wants to take photo with her, so we can sell her and get a lot of money”.

A4 didn’t get upset or anything. So Dad repeated what he said, waiting for A4’s reaction. … But, A4 had a very good come-back. She was probably formulating her response all the while that she remained quiet during the teasing.

A4 said, “If you are going to sell me, sell me to someone who is rich.”

Both Mom and Dad burst out laughing uncontrollably. “This scheming little girl!”

A short while later, they told me about it. Wanting to know her basis for giving such an intelligent reply, I asked A4 why she said what she said.

A4 said, “Cos then the rich person can get me whatever I want.”

A street-smart survivor, A4!


One thought on “Great Comeback for a Little Mind

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