Outsmarted by a Nearly-5

30 June 2013, Sunday

Around 4:30/5:30pm. S was out with A1 and A3 who wanted to, respectively, jog and cycle along the canal (up to Clementi only). A2 didn’t want to go even though he’s been wanting to cycle along the canal for a long while now (Busyness has taken away this weekend pleasure for a long time). His reason: They weren’t going as far as he’d wanted to go (Jurong).

After they left, Mom got up from her nap. She decided to go to her sister’s flat, to give her sister stuff she got for her during her recent holiday in Spain. Mom phoned her sister, and A4 picked up the other receiver to join in the conversation. After Mom got off the phone, A4 continued the conversation with her Yih Poh. (“Yih Poh” is “Grand Aunty” in Hokkien dialect) Mom and I let her, while we started a conversation of our own.

Eventually, A4 got off the line. She came to Mom and I, and began to interrupt our conversation. As usual, we ignored her. So she says, “Mah Mah, this is important!”

This ignoring by Mom and I, and pestering by A4 with “This is important”, continued for a while before Mom and I relented and gave A4 our attention.

I asked A4 what was so important.

A4 proceeded to ask Mom, “Mah Mah, the Bible says we cannot lie, right?”

Mom and I affirmed her understanding, pleased that she knows not to lie.

Then A4 proceeded to say, “OK, so since the Bible says we cannot lie, you must take me with you to Yih Poh’s house, … cos I told her I was coming, and I cannot lie cos the Bible says I cannot lie.” (Something very very close to this effect)

Needless to say, Mom and I were stunned beyond words at A4’s clever convoluted scheming! A4’s done it again!


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