Open 24 Hours

25 September 2013, Tuesday

Around 5:30pm. A3 was with me as I ran some errands waiting for A2 to finish guitar lesson. As there was still enough time left, I took A3 into Wendy’s at Holland Village (the area we were in) for a treat.

A3 led the way. Next thing I knew, he walked right into the left panel of the double door. He was not stunned, which provided me the clue that it was a deliberate act.

“Why? What happened?” I asked, something to that effect.

Cheekily, A3 replied, “The sign says ‘Open’ what!”

Cannot catch the punchline? This was what A3 meant: The sign on the door says “Open 24/7”, which means [the door is always open / never close, so] I should be able to simply walk in! [No need for action on my part to open door]



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