My Little “Model” Child

11 November 2013, Monday

I am so proud of each of my four kids for different reasons. Cos they are all so unique. Yesterday, one of them showed me something that made me proud of him all over again. A3 showed me a badge he received in school.

It was a Model Pupil badge.

This is his second Model Pupil badge since entering primary school. He’s also received other badges for character-based values throughout his two years of primary school.

It makes me think …

I am so guilty of being too quick to scream “Don’t be naughty!”, “Why are you always disturbing?”, “Can’t you just behave and let me do my work?”, … among a barrage of things I cannot repeat publicly!

Having worked in public education promoting family life in the past, I know what I should or should not say to my kids. However, application of knowledge is tough; impossible even!

There are times, though, like now when the kids get a praise card or badge, or when a church friend tells grandma about a unique good behaviour by the kids. These wake-up-call moments make me realise how blessed I am to have such wonderful kids. They make me realise their naughty moments are just part and parcel of growing up, and I must not label them naughty for being, … well, just kids!

I have seen parents struggle at managing their kids, much less connect with them. Ours have been pretty much compliant; they are well-adjusted kids when interacting with their peers, able to show care and concern for their friends, even rounding up classmates to pray for another when the latter is in trouble; … They are pretty good kids.

I guess, by extension of the Model Pupil badge, I could say my kids are Model Kids.

Or at least one of them is!



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