Loosing Track

16 November 2013, Saturday

Today, I updated a post.

I had referred to my 5-year-old as 6-year-old. I am losing track of the kids, it’s just crazy! (See ref)

That’s not the worse though. I’ve had days when I forget to pick up one kid until I get a phone call. “Mommy, when are you coming to pick me up?”

To which I, too quick on the draw, reply, “Oops! I forgot!”

Prior to such calls, I would usually be enjoying the relief. “Home at last! No bickering kids, all having been dropped off where they should be. Time for a quiet cuppa / snack, quick nap or half hour of mindless TV.”

I would feel such guilt for my indulgence cos I’ve let one of my kids suffer the anxiety of waiting in vain for my arrival! … Worse if it happens to the ones without handphone cos it meant they’d have to pluck up the courage to ask reception for use of phone to get hold of me. (I could rationalise that that’s no big deal, they’ve learnt a lifeskill. But still …)

Then a friend admitted she’s committed the same crime before, forgetting to pick one of her kids from wherever. She, too, has four. Since then, I’ve come to know a few more moms with such an experience.

I am not a bad mom after all!

But really, can anyone fault us, the portfolios and schedules we manage? Particularly in our local unrelenting rat-race context?

So, thank God for weekends. The chance to let go … a little at least.

Oh, but wait!

Hubby’s gone cycling this morning without emergency resources and it is my fault! I had borrowed cash from his cycling pouch yesterday! Standby dough in case the cab fare to pick one of the kids from class exceeded the contents in my wallet. Was going to return it after my final shower for the day. But relieved that the day was over, stresses washed into the drain by refreshing clean water, I clear forgot my intentions! I better text him to let him know. [text text text …]

Oh, and A3 has a gathering with classmates next week, but I have not made alternative arrangements for his enrichment class for that day! [Ring, ring. Hello, … (In the end, no suitable alternative slot. Not cos the centre didn’t have one, but cos I, or rather the kids, didn’t!)]

Oh, and, and, and, … Sigh! So much for weekends and letting go.

“Letting go”; it’s a dangerous phrase for a working mom of four; a crime punishable by guilt!

“Making a list” by Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


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