A Poignant Moment Shared with My Son

22 November 2013, Friday

It was right after a school concert that the boys had performed in with their school band. Audience, performers, teachers, school management, instructors alike were spewing out into the lobby. The place was abuzz with activity – people mingling, people taking photos, people ready to head out or head home, others preparing to return to school.

Amid all that whirl of activities, my heart was touched by an endearing moment I was privileged enough to witness.

My son A3 had been desperately trying to get my attention to help him take a photo of him with his band friend Noah. It was frustrating for him as my focus was on getting family organised for group photos in various formations. But A3’s perseverance paid off.

The urgency of A3’s request suddenly became apparent to me as he verbalised it, pulled at me and shot me a reflex facial expression of earnest pain. “Mommy, quick, help me take a photo of Noah and me. He is leaving already, and this may be the last time I see him. He is going to another school next year!”

Indeed, Noah was about to leave the venue with his parents and younger sis! Quickly, I obliged with the photos and getting the mother’s mobile number, glad that I wasn’t too late. Or I’ll never get over the guilt.

That moment, though; that look on A3’s face; is forever etched in my memory. The expression of pain of impending loss of friendship! While it was heartening and heartwarming to know A3’s ability to forge sincere friendships, it was also heartbreaking to see the friendship coming to an end simply because they are unlikely to see each other again.

I am consoled only by the fact that I shared that moment of pain and urgency with my son.


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