iPhone … Empowering and Crippling at Once

30 November 2013, Saturday

Newly-bestowed with a hand-me-down iPhone to call her own, 5.5-year-old A4 is proud to take it everywhere she goes. One of her brothers had already promptly changed her home screen to a close-up picture of her face, further staking her claim on the device.

It is liberating for A4 to have her own gadget. She no longer has to wait for others in the family to finish using their respective iPhones to lend her theirs. (Although she does get enough of hers and want the iPad mini instead, which someone or other will be using at the moment of need) Her games no longer get interrupted with “Quick, I need my phone back for a while”. … Liberating indeed!

About 10:30am+. Yet, as we are heading to the airport, a favourite playground of the kids’, A4 is only thinking of one thing: “When are we getting home?”

It is a puzzling question as everyone is excited about sending A2 off on an overseas learning adventure with the school band; no one is thinking about home. Hence, “Why are you in such a hurry to go home?”

“I need to charge my phone; it’s running out of battery,” came her reply.

The bigger stirrer of her two brothers then did a quick check and reported, with every intent to derive a reaction from her, “What?! She has 82% and she says she is running out of battery!”

Battery Icon by digitalart at freedigitalphotos.net.


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