The Happiest Place on Earth is Making Mommy Sad

30 November 2013, Saturday

My Baby #2 is officially a big boy now. He’s off on his very first overseas trip without family!

The school band is taking the kids to Hong Kong (HK) for an experience of a lifetime (which I hope they will repeat so my Baby #3 can experience it too. A3 is missing out cos they are taking only the upper primary kids and he is in lower primary).

The itinerary involving a grueling schedule includes a competition (“adjudication” they call it) among regional school bands judged by renowned band conductors, a school visit with band performance worked in, training and workshops by world-famous band conductors, public performance at HK Disneyland’s main entrance (what more could one ask for?!), workshop / talk by HK Disney’s Lion King cast, very grand Gala at HK Disney’s Great Hall when the park closes (exclusive treat), plus sightseeing thrown in over the 5D 4N trip.

He’s headed for one of the happiest places on earth, HK Disneyland.

Mommy is on the one hand happy and thrilled for him, but on the other hand missing him like crazy! And he’s not left yet!!!



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