Parenting – Sense of Humour (and Strong Stomach) Needed

17 December 2013, Tuesday

Nowadays, A2 is able to control nausea, like when he feels carsick / motion sickness or when he eats on being super hungry or when he has eaten a little too much. But back then, A2 had a strong gag reflex. The slightest cough would trigger a vomit. Worse whenever he had had his fill.

2009 (plus minus a year)

Mom and I had taken A2 to eat at McDonald’s at Shaw Centre, Scotts Road/Orchard Road.

I don’t recall the other kids being there. I only remember the three of us being there. And it might have been either before or after A2’s Chinese enrichment class at Berries, Orchard branch.

Mom and I were seated with our backs against a wall, Mom to my right and A2 opposite me. (Or maybe similarly seated, but at one of those small round tables. Can’t remember).

Gag reflex

A2 had literally just finished his hot fudge sundae when he suddenly needed to spew!

In the next few seconds, we could see him retching as we frantically (knowing he has a strong gag reflex which makes it hard for him to subdue his nausea) fumbled around for something he could spew out into.

Unable to offer him anything, I quickly grabbed his empty sundae cup and shoved it under his chin.

Just in time!

Equal refill

Sensitive as I was to such smell (I gag at such smells), I watched on intently as the cup got filled. I wondered if the cup was big enough to hold all that A2 had to offer up.

Up, up, up, … climbed the level of thick fluid.

Almost, almost, almost … to the top.

Oh, no! He’s gonna overflow! …

And then, stop! … Phew!

Just 0.5cm shy of the brim!

Opposite reactions

Mom was not impressed. I couldn’t help but find the irony in the situation, and had a good laugh about it.

A2 had literally puked out as much as he had consumed!

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