Enchanted with Roald Dahl

On way home from picking A1 up from babysitting at a church friend’s apartment, A3, A1 and I walked over to a nearby mall with a Popular, a bookstore that is popular for school textbooks, educational assessment books, stationery, IT accessories and toys. I wanted to try and get the textbooks that were unavailable from the boys’ primary school’s bookshop.

The detour

A little into the store, I was distracted by the attractive covers of Roald Dahl’s series that blanketed one display platform like a pretty quilt.

Then I got attracted by a distracting promotional sign.

“2 or more @ 25% off
1 @ 10% off”

The push

About a month ago, Mom holidayed with some friends in Indonesia. Her friends went nuts buying as many Roald Dahl’s books as they could. The books were cheap there (IDR87000, which is at this point in time SGD9.02). Mom followed quit. However, unaware that the writer is famous and good, she only got one book, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More”.

The strings

It’s a pity since A2 loves this series. He has already read three of the author’s books. I am so glad he is reading quality classics.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
“James and the Giant Peach”
“The BFG”

A1 was given “Matilda” by her Aunty N and Uncle G about five years ago when we spent Christmas in Australia. I must remember to let A2 know.

The pull

25% off. I was most tempted to buy all that were displayed in the series. But it would cost more than $100!

The approval

A quick WhatsApp message to S confirmed things for me.

“Buy. Something to be encouraged.”



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