Enchanted with Roald Dahl (Part 2)

3 January 2014, Friday

A2’s Science tuition at Jurong East began today. I had intended to shop at Popular bookstore after his class. A3 had not wanted to come along, preferring to stay at home to play.

I took A2 to class, dragging A3 with me. A3 had to come cos he had been stirring A4 up and would only continue to do so which would drive Mom up the wall amid her elaborate Chinese New Year food preparation.

After-class shopping

We were supposed to buy essentials at Popular, including plastic book covers for the series of Roald Dahl books I had bought in December. Taking the same books to fit and pick the right-size covers, A2’s eyes grew wide at the sight of even more Roald Dahl books.

In the end, I got him two more books which he had in the past borrowed from somewhere but had not managed to finish reading before returning them (“The BFG” was borrowed from LitPlus library). I had wanted him to re-borrow to finish reading those books, but I relented so complete our Roald Dahl collection and cos the “25% for 2 or more” offer was still on.

Daddy reads

A2 said S will continue reading “The BFG” with him.

Apparently, they had been in the midst of co-reading when A2 had to return the overdue book to LitPlus.



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