B is for …

19 January 2014, Sunday

A4 and A3 just finished their respectively K2 and P3 Chinese Speech and Drama classes. We were walking to the town central to catch our train ride home, with plans for a detour to a pet store and a bookstore along the way.

Done with the pet store, we started towards our next pitstop when …

Earnest word application

4:04pm. I was horrified when A4 said, “My friend says she stays in Bangla.”

Promptly I told her never to say the word again as it’s rude. We went on and on about this. And then …

Clever word detective

… A3, quiet up to this moment, corrected A4 with, “Bungalow lah u! Bangla!”

(This is the Singlish (Singaporean English) way of saying “It’s bungalow, not Bangla! Duh!” with roll-eyes effect)

Boring facts after

A3 figured it out, what A4 meant! I was impressed!

“Bangla” was a word A4 had heard her older siblings use before. They had all been corrected then. In her still-growing vocabulary bank, A4 must have thought the word was applicable in this instance. After all, both words sound alike. But now that she was being corrected, she wanted to know why the word was rude. I put it simply.

“It’s like calling people names.”


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