“Animal Doctor”

2 February 2014, Sunday

A long-lost Aussie friend living in the UK is back on Skype!

JR had contacted me a day or so ago and I had replied, not in real-time. This evening, she caught me online! After asking if it was a good time to call me on Skype, we finally got talking (Later that night or night after, S commented that both sides of our conversation sounded contrived. S knew it’s cos I was, as always, awkward on calls over the Internet. It makes me clam up, especially if the video is turned on. This time it wasn’t, but I was still awkward). The last time we met up, I was still a teen! Although we did correspond intermittently for a few more years after that.

The curious eavesdropper

After the call ended, A4 asked me who I was talking to. I explained it was my old Aussie friend who lives in England. I added the fact that she is a vet.

A4: What’s a vet?

Me: Animal doctor.

A4, in incredulous tone: Huh? If she is an animal doctor, how can she talk?!


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