Are You a Mammal?

6 February 2014, Thursday

I believe A3 was already casually taught the characteristics of mammals in earlier years, but he is certainly more aware of them now, now that he is in Primary 3 and officially studying Science as a subject.

Coming to the dining table to sit down to some Chinese New Year snacks, I felt cold. I wondered aloud whether it was the cool weather or just me coming down with something. My sweet darling A3 offered to feel my forehead for temperature. He did and remarked that it was cold.

A few moments later, he kicked off a short discussion, asking if there are animals whose blood is cold. I explained to him there are cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals. Gave him examples of lizards and snakes as the former.

He seemed to already know that mammals are warm-blooded animals cos the imp in him kicked in and he stated, “Boys and men are not mammals.”


“Because boys and men do not give birth to their young live.”

If you require explanation:
Females give birth; males don’t.


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