Married Crushes … (To any conservative reader, please read before judging!)

Says blogger write meg!, “Married ladies can have crushes, too”

Oh, wow! As I went down the list in her blog, I thought, “Nah! No one mentioned there appeals to me!” And then I got to the end. Colin Firth in “Nanny McPhee” (2005).

Romance at the movies

Yea, books and movies! I had a crush on Edward Norton the actor. We first “met” through “The Illusionist” (2006). The character was so compellingly intelligent and handsome that I just had to check him out. Then I found more films on him I absolutely love, deepening my crush on him. “The Painted Veil”, “American History X”, “Down in the Valley”, “Leaves of Grass”, “Keeping the Faith”, etc. He had such a wide repertoire which meant talent. In movie interviews, he had so many intelligent things to say. A check of his background supported his academic intelligence – History major from Yale; grandfather the father of the mall concept; … I could go on and on. For a while, I felt as though my chances of meeting my idol were high! Such intensity was my crush.

But since then, I’ve had a few crushes on actors. The latest being Joseph Lawrence in “My Fake FiancΓ©” (2013). For his SNAG character and romantic marriage proposal in the TV movie. … Wonder how many more crushes on fictional characters I will have!

Living it for real

After all is said though, I have a down-to-earth, practical, intelligent yet still intermittently surprisingly romantic husband, who is the best father ever to our four beautifully unique (but also challenging) kids, a filial and loving son to his parents (my in-laws), and a great son-in-law ever to my parents.

I’m living in my own book / movie! I have a permanent crush on my permanent crushee. What more could I ask?!

(Side track: What more could I ask, except for a home helper that is stable! Only Singaporean families who rely on foreign domestic helpers can understand this last statement!)

To my real-world one

Happy Valentine’s Day, Crushee!

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