Values over Science

21 February 2014, Friday

A3 came back from school. As is the practice at home, he took out all the things I need to go through to put on my side of the bed (my by-day work desk) and all this homework to do.

After completing his homework, he added it to the pile for me to check, which included his green Science ring file.

4pm. I don’t normally go through his homework or returned work anymore. Partly because there is just not enough time in my day, and partly because he is responsible with his school work (though less so when it came to Chinese) and is doing just fine. But I had a bit of time today and the file was really thin, so I was not put off.

Studying Schoolwork

I flipped through the pages of a Science booklet and then a set of worksheet, and chanced upon this.
Principles First
A3’s answer was not scientific, but at least he got his values correct. One must marry before reproducing.

Mommy Best Not Slack

I have gained yet another insight into a child’s hilariously innocent way of thinking. I am so glad I did not miss this.

Now I must deligently check all A3’s homework, or all the kids’ homework for that matter, so that I don’t miss out on these nuggets, these precious peeks into their minds!


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