Life Through Minecraft

7 March 2014, Friday

Kids certainly do relate to life better through play.

All hyped up

We (A2, A3, A4 and I) came home from a night out to the newest and biggest mall playground, Westgate Wonderland. By the time the kids dilly dallied (The three youngest opened their IKEA’s Småland kids’ club newsletter which came in the mail; delayed their shower/bath; did some of the activities in the newsletter; had to eat again cos still hungry; waited for me to mop our bedroom floor before they could set up their beds as the boys camp over in our room Friday to Saturday nights; actually set up their beds; etc), it was past their usual 10pm bedtime. It was probably about 11pm.

Minecraft to the Rescue,
with suitable substitute word

As she snuggled into her makeshift bed on the floor on S’s side of our bed, A4 asked us, “Did Jesus die and re-life again?”

At some stage, she also used the word “re-spawn”.

Both verbs have the same meaning to the correct word. I told her what the correct word is. It is “resurrected”.

A4 had expressed her thoughts in Minecraft terms!

And her mind rattles on

She went on to express various opinions, including the idea that perhaps Jesus should stay dead and only “re-life” when He wants to, etc.

She went to sleep only after she got all her thoughts out of her system!


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