Blarney Blabber

10 March 2014, Monday

On bus, on way back from A4’s Berries Chinese class and after loitering a while more in Orchard Central and 313 Somerset to kill time. A3 read his kid-version National Geographic book. Among the things he showed me on one spread was Ireland’s Blarney Castle.

Thrill of the gap

I told the kids (Only A2, A3 and A4 were with me. A1 was still at school CCA English Drama) I have been there. Told them of its famous stone at the top – I climbed to the top, went to where the “magical” stone was, sat back to the stone where a gap looks all the way down to the ground below (Dizzying), a guy manning the attraction spot supported my back as I bent backwards and downwards, and thus poised kissed the stone!

Gap in my tale

I forgot to tell them that I had read up on places of interest before flying to Europe, so I knew about Blarney Castle even before I got to Ireland. Determined to and certain that I would visit the place, I had prepared two signs to take photos with at the stone, after I kissed the stone. They read something like this:

I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone,
so now I can’t stop …

… talking, talking, talking,
talking, talking, talking, talking, …

Gift of the gap

My story completed, A4 turned to me with a cheeky glint in her eyes and said, “You really kissed the stone?”

I replied, “Yes.”

A4 just couldn’t wait to say, “Aaah, hahaha … You kissed the stone. That means now you cannot stop talking … like me!”

Clearly, A4 is aware of her reputation for talking non-stop! And clearly, she knew the stone’s “magic” is just a folklore. She used both to her advantage to amuse me and make me laugh.

Gap in comprehension

A2 was endearingly opposite to A4.

Thinking what I shared was literal, his curiosity spurred him to ask, “So what did you say after kissing the stone?”

A2 is five years older than A4, but he communicates in a face-value style of communication. … I explained things to A2, of course.

20140316-232509.jpgImage courtesy of Blarney Castle.


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