Love Unspoken

15 April 2014, Tuesday

Had breakfast with three close friends (DO, YY and MC) from the kids’ kindy and primary school. We had a great long morning. Parting began only as one by one of us had to leave for various schools to pick our respective kids.

We were down to just one friend DO and I when she received a call to pick one of her twins early from school. I didn’t have any kid to pick up then, so she gave me a lift home on her way.

Love unspoken spotted

As I alighted from her car, YY (the second friend to have taken leave from our gathering) WhatsApped me from our kids’ primary school. (See her message appended at the end of this blog entry)

Apparently, our younger boy was spotted kneeling down to help his older brother tie his shoelace which had come undone.

Sibling love exists

Like all siblings, our boys (in fact all four of our kids) play together and fight each other all the time. And like all parents, I wish they’d just get along and save me the trouble of fighting with them to stop fighting and of worrying about the state of their sibling relations. … But moments like this today give me a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Our boys love each other after all.

Our four love one another after all!



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