From Badminton to Basketball

24 April 2014, Thursday

I have never been one for sports (unless it is dance sport like Zumba). Consequently, I have never consciously created sporting opportunities for the kids (apart from one-off free or cheap trials).

Starting sports

It wasn’t till of late (Around perhaps February) that opportunities to take up sports lessons presented themselves in the most convenient of ways (Weekend, meaning more help chauffeuring the kids; nearby, meaning walking distance) that I was game enough to load my already-packed-to-the-brim schedule with badminton for A3 and soccer for A2.

A3 now does private group badminton in the school hall on Saturday mornings; while A2 soccer Sunday afternoons under a church’s community outreach programme, joined by his best and close friends from school.

Pre-playground drama

Today, A3 wanted to play at the exercise playground. I promised him 10mins of play there when we take A2 to Science tuition in the next block. A4 insisted on coming along.

7pm or just a tiny bit past 7pm. Leaving for our destinations, A4 asked to bring along her scooter. A3 began hunting for his pink (Yes, pink!) soccer ball. A2 was running late (cos I wanted to finish up making a dress for A4’s Barbie doll), so A2, A4 and I left first.

A2 at Science tuition, A4 and I went to the exercise playground. Soon A3 arrived with A1, bringing two badminton rackets and a shuttlecock with them. I am guessing A3 couldn’t locate the pink soccer ball in the mass (mess) of toys at home.

Adventure badminton

Around 7:05pm or 7:10pm. Barely into play, the shuttlecock got lodged up in a tree. A1 and A3 began taking turns to fling their old racket up into the tree to dislodge the shuttlecock. After a few tries, just as A1 (or A3) mentioned the idea of losing the racket in the tree, the racket got lost in the tree! Roaring laughter ensued, as you can imagine.

Brick-hard slipper trial

A3 (or A1) suggested rope. I suggested basketball. A1 asked A3 for both objects. As A3 began running home to retrieve them, he paused to watch me try to dislodge the lost items with the right side of my solid chunky slippers. Alas! I was too short to make the slipper hit the target area with full impact. A3 ran home.

Mission basketball

A3 back with the basketball, A1 and A3 tried aiming it at the branches holding on to their items. A1 succeeded at dislodging the racket. … A3 noticed that a string or two had come loose, but A1 said that had always been so. … The shuttlecock was a little more tricky. A1 managed only to shift it a little in the tree, I think along the same branch.

Feeling optimistic, I had to have a go. Surprisingly, I aimed good! One shot was all it took!

It was now around 7:15pm.

Cramming sports

For a group of people unaccustomed to sports. We sure went through more sports in 10 minutes than we ever have in our lifetime!

Wisely, A1 and A3 adjourned to the nearby basketball court to commence their game of badminton.

A4 tagged along with her scooter. I was left to babysit A3’s badminton racket cover and the kids’ basketball.



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