Another Promotion, Affirmation

15 May 2014, Thursday

A2 came home after after-school band practice. He elatedly announced to me that he’s now a trumpet-player (He was a corner-player this far).

I asked him why the change of instrument. He wasn’t entirely sure, but supposed it’s cos the juniors have moved up to join them, so there are enough cornet-players but not enough trumpeters (now that the current P6s have officially stopped all CCAs to focus on the all-important PSLE), hence he’s been “promoted” to play the trumpet.

I asked him the difference between the two instruments, and he explained that there isn’t much difference except that trumpets have a higher pitch. He sure knows his stuff; worthy of his role as an Assistant Brass Section Leader.

I am so proud of A2, of how far he has come, of how much he has achieved.

From Music to Maths

Another piece of news A2 shared a while later was his Semester Assessment 1 (aka mid-year exam) Maths results.

On Monday or Wednesday (seem to recall Wednesday), A2 came back with the Paper 1 results. 32.5/40. … Today, the Paper 2 results. 55/60. … That makes 87.5% for Maths!

Once again, A2 shines.

Post script

I think 16 May 2014, Friday

Apparently, A2 was mistaken about his Maths scores. He told me 55 is actually his total score.

Guess it’s best I don’t take anything as final till I actually see the papers and/or grades for myself. But the biggest thing for me here was the fact that he sounded a little sad or disappointed about having to give me bad news. I saw it in his face, in his eyes. So I know he is trying, or at least wants to try. That, for me, is part of the battle won. Now, I just have to see where his weakness lies and try to help him from there.


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