When Retail Isn’t Therapy

9 June 2014, Monday

Finally purchased the digital drums set for the boys to begin private drums lessons come July with A3’s inspiring first drums teacher.

The trouble with this purchase

Brand new purchases are supposed to be fun and exciting. But this one’s a big-ticket item at SGD1,049; and there’s always that fear that the kids will lose interest or act up till lessons get cancelled (It’s like childhood all over again, except this time we’re at the paying end). And the worse thing was the purchase process was wrought with … well, let’s just say distractions. My WhatsApp messages to S says it all.

Drumming it up

Deed done at 6:15pm with a lot of grief!

While at Cristofori paying, they were all driving me nuts!

A2: Mommy, it’s my turn.
A3: But mommy, A2 doesn’t want to let me play.
A4: Mommy, A3 pushed my head down; it’s very pain.

Facing the music of past hoardings

Then there is the addition pain of clearing out and cleaning up our upstairs study to accommodate the new “furniture” (drums).

All for this moment

Now, maybe the delivery next Tuesday night will be a more peaceful and enjoyable time.

20140614-002346-1426775.jpgImage of MUZA DD512 courtesy of Cristofori


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