Paranormal Anomaly

5 July 2014, Saturday

I am scared of the dark. But I am also a horror story addict.

As the rest of the family heads for bed, I sat down to “The Family That Slays Together” (Season 1, Episode 1: Let’s Play Pirate) on Discovery Crime & Investigation (Channel 403).

Hooked, I went on to “Destination Truth” on Syfy (Channel 526).

Speaking Spanish

Season 4, Episode 1: Haunted Island Prison. The investigating team investigates an abandoned jail-turned-concentration camp on a Panamanian island.

Before exploring the hotspot, they interview an ex-guard. One team member plays interpreter with his limited high-school knowledge of the Spanish language.

Switching to English

Eventually, they begin their night investigation of the supposedly haunted location. They split up into a 1-man base camp and two roving groups. The group checking out the jail cells in the main building quickly gets spooked by unexplained noises. The most significant is one that sounded like someone rattling an object across the bars of the cell right next to them, followed by the sounds of footsteps.

As expected, they conduct an EVP session in that cell. Josh, the leader, attempts to communicate with the presence. “Speak to us”. “Did you die here?” “Do you welcome us here?” coaxes another team member. … By the end of this story segment, we learn that they caught some form of response on the audio recording.

Language is no barrier

The contention I have with this EVP session is this: If the team had to rely on Spanish to communicate with the ex-guard prior to the investigation, how come they are able to communicate with the presence in English?

Perhaps, every known (as well as unknown) language becomes accessible to us when we cross over!


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