I Know You!

17 July 2014, Thursday

Walking A1 to ballet, we bumped into a neighbour YY who “told me tales” of my youngest. Memorable “tales” I’m gonna drag out in my speech at her wedding some day!

Apparently, when Dad takes A4 to the playground, they sometimes bump into YY walking her dog Shadow.

One time, A4 excitedly went towards YY and Shadow, saying in her loud animated voice “I KNOW YOU!”

To which YY responded cheerfully with “I know you too!”

Then, still loud and witnessed by other kids and adults near them in the playground, A4 blurted out, “No, not you; I mean the dog!”

YY stood stunned, devoid of all dignity.


YY from Block 14 had already shared this story with me one morning a week or so ago. She was then taking Shadow for a walk when she saw A4 and I at the round-about pick-up point, waiting for A4’s school bus. The incident left a deep impression on YY that she simply had to share it with me again when we next met today. And I was all too happy to listen to her again. It’s such a classic real-life story of losing one’s dignity to, of all things, an animal!


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