The Art of MC

12 September 2014, Friday

It must have been about midnight. I had let the kids watch movie in our bedroom, out of my way as I baked belated Teachers’ Day cookies for them to take to their school teachers the following week. They were done before I could finish, and were on to their second movie, that’s why they were still up at this hour. (And it’s school holidays anyway)

I know, A4 shouldn’t be up as she just had a day of fever today, her nose was still runny, and she had early Saturday morning (8:45am) Berries Chinese lesson to make up for the make-up she missed this morning (9:15am) due to fever.

She was well aware that I had let her skip this morning cos she was unwell.

Anyway, so into the kitchen came A4. “Mommy, tomorrow if I am still sick, do I still need to go to Berries?”

“You won’t be. Now, just go to bed and lie down,” I said.

“But what if I am?” A4 pressed on.

“You won’t be.”

“How do you know?”

“Cos your fever subsided long ago.”

“OK, but what if I am sick tomorrow? … Just tell me, what if I am still sick tomorrow?”

Just six years old and she’s already mastered the art of planning to applying for medical leave from “work”!


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