Talks Even When Sleepibg

3 October 2014, Friday

Wee hours. I had showered and was unable to sleep then. So I continued working.

Around 1am+ (I think) rustling sounds were heard coming from the floor, off the edge of the bed on S’s side. It was A4, shifting about while asleep. Something was said then, but I couldn’t make out what it was. (I think this episode was after I showered for the night. Can’t recall for sure)

She quietened soon after. I thought I had peace for the night now.

But then, after some time, the next voice from behind me. A3. He was sleeping in our bed, on my side, which was right behind me as I worked at my laptop. He was so loud I thought he had woken up.

“Ann, Ann, Ann …
… Ann, wait …
Wait, Ann, wait …”

Wonder what his dream was.

It was I think 1:29am then.


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