Stand Behind the Yellow Line

6 December 2014, Saturday

When you give instructions, better be sure to cover all perspectives!

The Context

Back in the days when Singapore MRT stations’ train platforms did not have glass walls for safety, the automated announcement would ask people to “Please stand behind the yellow line” whenever a train is about to pull into the station? Today, with the glass walls erected, they’ve done away with the announcement, but the yellow lines remain.

The Story Trigger

9:03am. Buona Vista MRT Station. Waiting for train, taking A2 and A3 to a one-off Scuba Diving for Kids workshop.

My Mr Smarty Pants A3 tells me with a straight face, “Stand behind the yellow line.”

Blur mommy didn’t catch the drift. So, A3 repeated it several times, facing me with a serious look.

The Punchline

For those who still don’t catch the drift … Which side of the yellow line is behind?


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