18 March 2015, Wednesday

8:25pm. Feeling an emptiness at the imminent passing of Singapore’s Founding Father.

Growing up on American TV series, I used to idolise the West. As Singapore advanced and I matured, my pop media-skewed impression of my home country also evolved. Today, even as I enjoy pop media, I know it is just that – sensationalisation of a non-existent (transient at best) idea of life. I enjoy it for its entertainment value only. Back with my feet firmly planted on solid ground, I proudly say give me Singapore over the West anytime! And I am able to feel this way – I am PRIVILEGED to be able to feel this way – because of one man and one man only. That is our dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I don’t know how I can be happy during the SG50 celebrations in August. Yet, all of Singapore’s success is due to this one legendary big-hearted man. So his life is worth celebrating albeit SG50 programme line-up.

As I sit and ponder over a Singapore without him, one thought came to mind. The greatest tribute Singapore can give to her father is for our leaders to stay true to his motivations and continue his legacy. And that is to lead Singapore selflessly, with a heart for her people. 

Image of a screen-grab a friend sent via WhatsApp.


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