1 July 2015, Wednesday

1:36pm. About to turn in. Have to turn in. An important work meeting continues from Tuesday afternoon’s in the morning. Yet, a part of me is fighting sleep. My body is tired, but my passion wants to stay awake. The passion to keep doing things. (Is this a Singaporean syndrome?)


The Wordbrain game app is calling. … But that’s OK; I can play that on the way to the meeting. The train would be too crowded for me to focus on any serious work while commuting.


Two pieces of work came in earlier on from our writer, awaiting my edits. Urgent deliverables too. But I’ve already stayed up till 5:30am and 3:30am the last two nights to rush out also-urgent deliverables. And I’d be in meeting with the client in the morning anyway; present at the meeting, I cannot work at completing the pieces. … I can confidently do this because I know I can deliver by the end of the day. Our writer delivers good work, and these particular pieces are almost-replicates of an earlier work. … So, OK, I won’t work now. Still, I should hit the sack to stay awake at the morning meeting.

Live (a Little)

But, my dear blog is calling! You’d think I’d be sick of writing; I do it for a living every day! But no! … The past few months I’ve had deep reflections to share. Some about each of the kids, others about parenting, yet others about life’s revelations. I committed them to memory, to eventually blog about each thought. But that eventuality has been evading me. There is never time to sit and indulge in pleasure-writing.

I am blog-less and sleepless for it. Like a fish out of its elements.


This no-real-point entry is just for me to feel like I have re-engaged my beloved blog … just so I can now, at 2:02am, hit the sack and fall asleep in peace.

I will get to blog about the kids, parenting and life again … eventually.


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