Learning Happens At All Times

24 June 2016, Friday


A4 at CSTD Elite Talent Academy Summer School Camp 2016 concert rehearsal. She and two other girls were playing kick-one-another. One girl (Girl 1) accidentally actually kicked the other (Girl 2). Girl 2 asked A4 to help her kick Girl 1 back.

A4 said, “If I did that, Girl 1 will be angry with me. But if I didn’t do that, Girl 2 will be angry with me.”

She went on, “So I pretended to be paying attention to something else, and kept asking Girl 2 to ‘Wait!’. I kept doing that until the chance to kick Girl 1 was gone. Then I tell Girl 2 ‘I wanted to help you, but now no chance. Sorry.'”. [A mommy friend I much later told this story to commented that A4 must have learnt from my always telling her to wait]

Girl 2 told A4, “It’s OK. I know you would have helped me if you could.”

And so, A4 – clearly pleased with herself, and proud of her own quick-thinking – successfully steered another of life’s political moments.

She’s only 8 turning 9!


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