The Famous & the Nameless

29 June 2016, Wednesday


A month or so ago, A1 was chosen – after an internal singing competition – to represent her school at an inter-school singing competition. She is fearless about being on stage. Yet, some nights ago, she had a nightmare about no one clapping for her as she stood up after being introduced.

When someone gains fame

At morning assembly in school today, without warning, A1 heard her name over the PA system. She had been zoning out until that moment. Stunned, she obeyed the request for her to stand up, to the sounds of claps and cheers. A teacher had just told the entire school about A1 representing the school this coming Saturday, and encouraged the school to head down to the event to support A1!

A1 was incredulous. Her nightmare was like a premonition, only in real life she received claps and cheers.

However, A1 had wanted to do this competition quietly, without any schoolmates watching. This is no longer to be. Schoolmates kept coming up to her, saying they will be there to support her.

Someone else loses a name

Night. A2 chatted with me. He told me about A1 being introduced at assembly. Thereafter, everyone who saw him either asked him “Are you A1’s brother?”, or referred to / addressed him as “A1’s brother”. A2 jokingly lamented that his name is no longer “A2” but “A1’s brother”!



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