Good Change, Bad Change, No Change

14 February 2016, Sunday.

I love it when the kids spontaneously shoot questions at S. The questions are cleverly loaded, and S’s replies are quick and equally clever. But when you are one against a pack of four who seem to telepathically communicate and collaborate in their “assault”, you soon walk right into their trap!
Grooming Us Preys

We were walking the tree- and restaurant-lined way to the MRT station, on our way to visit one of S’s ex-colleague and good friend for the Chinese New Year.
A3 blurted out, “Was Mommy as fat as she is now or thinner when you got married?”

“Was she as ugly as now or prettier?” he continued to provoke.

We knew what the cheeky fella was trying to achieve – some sort of strong reaction from one of us. So, S replied, “She is just as beautiful as the day we met.”

There was a split second of silence as A3 wrapped his mind around S’s reply and searched for a wittier reply to regain his lead. He did say something, but I don’t remember what it was now cos the next wit chimed in.
“If Mommy is just as beautiful as last time, that means Mommy was just as fat last time!”

Another split second passed before the rest of us caught on and split our sides. We had walked right into this one! 

A4 laughed, pleased with herself


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