The Cheeky Monkey

25 January 2016, Monday

Approaching the Year of the Monkey, it seems a monkey has made its presence known at home.


Feeling like banana for a mid-afternoon snack, I went into the kitchen and what did I find?

The whole skin of a banana still on the comb, intact except for one clean slit! How was it possible to get to the yummy bits inside thus?!

I had an inkling who the monkey was, but couldn’t verify with him as he was with his brother at the “exercise playground”. And if it weren’t him, it had to be the other monkey who was with friends at the playground.

Since our helper had a higher chance of knowing who did what in the kitchen, I checked. “Did A3 eat a banana just now?” “Did A4 eat a banana just now?” On both counts she wasn’t aware if they did. Darn! I’m no closer to the answer.

Sharing the funny find with A1 and Mom, I couldn’t talk properly, tickled pink each time I opened my mouth to talk.

Just then, I heard the boys come in through the main door. “Mom?” one called out. Ah, I can now satisfy my curiosity. Gently, so as not to spook him into defensive mode, I called back, “A3, come here. Did you eat a banana just now?”

With a “no”, he joined me in the kitchen, curious why I asked. Clearly he wasn’t the perpetrator for he was just as amused at the find. A2 came after and also found it funny. … Eventually, the culprit owned up with a cheeky smile upon her return.



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