Doing My Bit for My Girls

19 August 2016, Friday

Only ONE day left to vote!
By 20 August 2016 (tomorrow).

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My girls will be in a dance competition. 10% of points come from FB LIKEs.

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The scoring scheme puts our groups’ small headcount at a disadvantage. Please help us level the playing field.

A1’s group. They have worked so hard, rehearsing so many nights after long days in school. on non-regearsal nights, the girls have even organised their own practice sessions.

A4’s group. For many of them, this is their first ever competition. despite being so young, they have a rigorous rehearsal schedule to keep to.



Competition Scoring Scheme

19 August 2016, Friday

My girls are participating in a dance competition.
… 10% score comes from FB LIKEs.
… 20% score comes from audience votes.
… 70% score comes from judges’ decisions.

Looking at our groups’ headcount … and then at our competitors’ bigger headcount … we are already disadvantaged.

Their bigger headcount means …
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Won’t you help us level the playing field and give us your FB LIKEs?

Like these FB posts, please?

17 August 2016, Wednesday

Only 3 days left. Please help … My girls (A1 and A4) are participating in the 6th Singapore International Youth Dance Festival on 21 August 2016, Sunday. 10% of points come from Facebook LIKEs. Please help click these four links below, and LIKE the photos? Could you help spread the word too? Last day for liking is 20 August 2016, Saturday.

Thank you for all who have helped / will help, and those who tried / will try.


I Can Run, But Cannot Hide

6 August 2016, Saturday

My herd is already between seven and almost-15 years old. Yet, I continue to not have toilet privacy. Within the five to 10 minutes that I was holed up, I’ve been paid not one but two visits. And by the two oldest too!

A1 wanted to know if the hair salon was opened today for her to cut her hair. “Yes. But, this being a Saturday, it may be crowded.”

A2 wanted to know when he could have his escape room-style outing with best friends JQ, J and JW (and maybe another new friend from school) for his belated birthday celebration. “I dunno. Maybe next Saturday? You go arrange and confirm with your friends when they can make it.”

In that short time, two “major” tasks were achieved. The throne’s the best place to make decisions from.

The Famous & the Nameless

29 June 2016, Wednesday


A month or so ago, A1 was chosen – after an internal singing competition – to represent her school at an inter-school singing competition. She is fearless about being on stage. Yet, some nights ago, she had a nightmare about no one clapping for her as she stood up after being introduced.

When someone gains fame

At morning assembly in school today, without warning, A1 heard her name over the PA system. She had been zoning out until that moment. Stunned, she obeyed the request for her to stand up, to the sounds of claps and cheers. A teacher had just told the entire school about A1 representing the school this coming Saturday, and encouraged the school to head down to the event to support A1!

A1 was incredulous. Her nightmare was like a premonition, only in real life she received claps and cheers.

However, A1 had wanted to do this competition quietly, without any schoolmates watching. This is no longer to be. Schoolmates kept coming up to her, saying they will be there to support her.

Someone else loses a name

Night. A2 chatted with me. He told me about A1 being introduced at assembly. Thereafter, everyone who saw him either asked him “Are you A1’s brother?”, or referred to / addressed him as “A1’s brother”. A2 jokingly lamented that his name is no longer “A2” but “A1’s brother”!


Who Needs a Sweater when …

14 September 2014, Sunday

A4’s hair was so badly matted after days of not brushing and letting it loose. It took so long to brush through it all that we were all late for church.

Half hour late. Slipped into back-bencher chairs. Less freezing than our usual spot. But still it got cold there.

At one point, A1, patting her lap, asked A4, “Come, A4, wanna sit on jie jie’s (older sister’s) lap?”

A4 obliged, seemingly thinking it was a loving gesture by her older Sis and loving the attention she’d be getting. I am older and wiser, and knew better.

I turned to face A1 on my right, to give her the eye and to flash her a knowing smile. “You are cold, right?” I asked, frankly and almost rhetorically.

A1 smiled back at me with a caught-in-the-act facial expression.

Yeah, that’s right! Who needs a sweater when you can wear a warm body?!

I Know You!

17 July 2014, Thursday

Walking A1 to ballet, we bumped into a neighbour YY who “told me tales” of my youngest. Memorable “tales” I’m gonna drag out in my speech at her wedding some day!

Apparently, when Dad takes A4 to the playground, they sometimes bump into YY walking her dog Shadow.

One time, A4 excitedly went towards YY and Shadow, saying in her loud animated voice “I KNOW YOU!”

To which YY responded cheerfully with “I know you too!”

Then, still loud and witnessed by other kids and adults near them in the playground, A4 blurted out, “No, not you; I mean the dog!”

YY stood stunned, devoid of all dignity.


YY from Block 14 had already shared this story with me one morning a week or so ago. She was then taking Shadow for a walk when she saw A4 and I at the round-about pick-up point, waiting for A4’s school bus. The incident left a deep impression on YY that she simply had to share it with me again when we next met today. And I was all too happy to listen to her again. It’s such a classic real-life story of losing one’s dignity to, of all things, an animal!