This is why Lee Hsien Loong is so respected!

Man, I feel blessed to be a Singaporean!


The Cheeky Monkey

25 January 2016, Monday

Approaching the Year of the Monkey, it seems a monkey has made its presence known at home.


Feeling like banana for a mid-afternoon snack, I went into the kitchen and what did I find?

The whole skin of a banana still on the comb, intact except for one clean slit! How was it possible to get to the yummy bits inside thus?!

I had an inkling who the monkey was, but couldn’t verify with him as he was with his brother at the “exercise playground”. And if it weren’t him, it had to be the other monkey who was with friends at the playground.

Since our helper had a higher chance of knowing who did what in the kitchen, I checked. “Did A3 eat a banana just now?” “Did A4 eat a banana just now?” On both counts she wasn’t aware if they did. Darn! I’m no closer to the answer.

Sharing the funny find with A1 and Mom, I couldn’t talk properly, tickled pink each time I opened my mouth to talk.

Just then, I heard the boys come in through the main door. “Mom?” one called out. Ah, I can now satisfy my curiosity. Gently, so as not to spook him into defensive mode, I called back, “A3, come here. Did you eat a banana just now?”

With a “no”, he joined me in the kitchen, curious why I asked. Clearly he wasn’t the perpetrator for he was just as amused at the find. A2 came after and also found it funny. … Eventually, the culprit owned up with a cheeky smile upon her return.


Good Change, Bad Change, No Change

14 February 2016, Sunday.

I love it when the kids spontaneously shoot questions at S. The questions are cleverly loaded, and S’s replies are quick and equally clever. But when you are one against a pack of four who seem to telepathically communicate and collaborate in their “assault”, you soon walk right into their trap!
Grooming Us Preys

We were walking the tree- and restaurant-lined way to the MRT station, on our way to visit one of S’s ex-colleague and good friend for the Chinese New Year.
A3 blurted out, “Was Mommy as fat as she is now or thinner when you got married?”

“Was she as ugly as now or prettier?” he continued to provoke.

We knew what the cheeky fella was trying to achieve – some sort of strong reaction from one of us. So, S replied, “She is just as beautiful as the day we met.”

There was a split second of silence as A3 wrapped his mind around S’s reply and searched for a wittier reply to regain his lead. He did say something, but I don’t remember what it was now cos the next wit chimed in.
“If Mommy is just as beautiful as last time, that means Mommy was just as fat last time!”

Another split second passed before the rest of us caught on and split our sides. We had walked right into this one! 

A4 laughed, pleased with herself

Learning Happens At All Times

24 June 2016, Friday


A4 at CSTD Elite Talent Academy Summer School Camp 2016 concert rehearsal. She and two other girls were playing kick-one-another. One girl (Girl 1) accidentally actually kicked the other (Girl 2). Girl 2 asked A4 to help her kick Girl 1 back.

A4 said, “If I did that, Girl 1 will be angry with me. But if I didn’t do that, Girl 2 will be angry with me.”

She went on, “So I pretended to be paying attention to something else, and kept asking Girl 2 to ‘Wait!’. I kept doing that until the chance to kick Girl 1 was gone. Then I tell Girl 2 ‘I wanted to help you, but now no chance. Sorry.'”. [A mommy friend I much later told this story to commented that A4 must have learnt from my always telling her to wait]

Girl 2 told A4, “It’s OK. I know you would have helped me if you could.”

And so, A4 – clearly pleased with herself, and proud of her own quick-thinking – successfully steered another of life’s political moments.

She’s only 8 turning 9!

Every Day is an Anniversary

11 April 2015, Saturday

Turned off the laptop after working late. About to turn in for the night. Decided to post something I noticed about the upgraded range of emojis. That’s when I saw this! … A pleasant surprise from, reminding me it’s been a year since I created my account.  


To come to think of it though, whether we notice it or not, we have at least one (If not more) new experience everyday. … And that makes everyday an anniversary to be celebrate!

Back to my account. I’ve enjoyed myself so much (Free reign to talk as much as I want) posting so many thoughts (I think I have posted lots) that it feels like I have had my WordPress account for several years already!

VOTE & SPREAD the word!

4 February 2014, Tuesday

VOTE for my gal … Pretty please?
Then SPREAD the word among your network.


Chingay is Singapore’s famous annual Chinese New Year parade. This pix is of People’s Association’s ballet contingent titled “Embracing Tomorrow with Grace”. My eldest (A1) is performing in it. She has put in (and is still putting in) much hard work and time at endless rehearsals, enduring pain from exertion. Despite the late nights, she has been staying on top of things at school. Yet she remains happy and enthusiastic. So, please help encourage my gal and the other young kids in this contingent, especially the few talented and brave boys among them. Vote for them. … Thank you!


My Baby Called!

30 November 2013, Saturday

I am pining. Home feels empty. Something (Someone) is missing.

My mobile phone has been going wherever I go around the apartment since 9:30pm+/-. I keep checking for WhatsApp messages. I am not going to miss it when it comes. Every time the mobile buzzes, my heart skips a beat as I check WhatsApp yet again. Is the message, this time, from him? Every time the home phone rings, I scramble for the nearest handset while screaming at everyone to help pick up the call. “It could be him calling!” I’d bark, … even though it is unlikely that he would call the landline.

The feeling is vaguely familiar. The last time I felt this way, I was still single and had just restarted dating.

Alas no, the latest message is from the Head of Aesthetics (Mrs Y), updating parents on the WhatsApp chatgroup she had created on what the kids are up to at the moment. (Don’t know why, earlier on, S was added to the chatgroup and received the first three precious photos of the band in practice before I was added on S’s request, but at least one of us got the photos)

Yet, it isn’t enough. I want to hear from the one!

The wait for their scheduled 9pm hotel check-in time is just agonising! It is probably only then that he will have time to message us. But when there is still no news from him, I am inclined to find some logical explanation for it. So I give time leeway for him and his roommates to take turns getting showered and changed for the night before expecting any messages.

I wait. I have tons of things to do, but am not in the mood to cope with them. But doing nothing is even more excruciating! I have to do something! So I settle into other non-essential mindless activities, just to help time pass faster.

Time does pass, somewhat in slow-mo. 10pm bedtime around here arrives. Still nothing. … I resign myself to the fact that I am not going to hear from him tonight. We turn in, with my phone still in my hand. I lie awake, still wishing and hoping.

Then 11:04pm. A handphone rings! But it’s not the one in my hand! It’s the one in the bedhead basket. S’s. … I scramble to attention, eyeing S anxiously for clues as to who the caller is as he takes the call. …

It’s him! It’s him! It’s my baby!

It was just this morning that A2 left for HK with the School Band. This is just Day 1. How, oh how, will I survive till Day 5!